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The ARCSHIELD-513 are the first auto darkening goggles designed by welders for welders. Based on careful research and ergonomically designed for fit, they are light, comfortable and easy to live with. As the heart of the new system, and a new concept in welding PPE, the ARCSHIELD-513 goggles also incorporate unique and innovative features such as a shock absorbing, heat resistant frame; a self-adjusting silicon skirt and an ’ eye-breathe ’ air vent system for mist reduction and optical comfort. The front cover lens is also hard coated for extra durability and increased protection from spatter, dirt and dust.

Designed after years of research and consultation with welders and safety professionals the Arc-Shield System provides a better, more flexible solution to the demanding needs of modern welders. From confined space work to pipe fitting; re-modelling and repair of automobiles, ships and equipment; welding inspection, supervision and training; maintenance and repairs as well as a host of other applications the Arc-Shield system is simply the better solution.
Grind with the power off at shade #4; gas weld/cut/plasma at shade #5 and #7; weld in auto-darkening comfort at #5, #7, #9, #11, #13.


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