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Supercoat-316L (Aerosol)

 Supercoat-316L is an acrylic material pigmented with 316 stainless steel flake in aerosol form. Use as touch up for the products above (except Supertemp-316) or used by itself in small job applications. Supercoat-316L is subjected to the same test rigors of our other products and performs extremely well in most applications. Dries to touch in three minutes. Supercoat-316L has thousands of uses: Business – use for corrosion protection on piping, valves, metal doors, electrical boxes; Automotive – use on alternators, carburetors, power steering pumps, master cylinders, radiators, wheels, bumpers, trailer hitches, boat trailers; Home – ladders, garbage cans, fencing, toys, garden tools, gutters, lawn equipment. VOC compliant in most states.


 Most heat-resistant coating systems are very confusing and difficult to use. Some require heat cure above certain temperatures. Most have limited temperature range performance. Supertemp 316 is unique. It can be heat-cured or merely allowed to dry at ambient temperatures, and will handle high-temperature applications up to 1200 degrees F. Supertemp 316 is a single-package modified silicone, pigmented with 316L stainless steel flake. In addition to its effective high-temperature performance,


 Superlife-316U is a single component urethane with the 316 L stainless steel flake. It is ideal for applications where a minimum of downtime is available for the coating job. It has excellent hardness, flexibility, chemical and abrasion resistance. Available in metallic gray. Superlife-316U is a solvent system product and is not VOC compliant in all areas.

Superlife-316 DTMR

Superlife-316 DTMR can be used direct to metal in interior, dry applications. When used in exterior or wet applications a primer is required. Superlife-316 DTMR incorporates stainless steel with a high quality; fast dry, flexible water based acrylic resin to provide outstanding exterior durability. It is FDA and USDA accepted and is available in metallic gray and other metallic colors. VOC compliant.


Steel-Tuff-316Steel Tuff-316

Steel Tuff-316 has all of the attributes of our Superlife-316 DTMR but with greatly increased hardness. It was designed for OEM customers who paint component parts and need to put the parts into assembly quickly. Steel Tuff-316 also has outstanding hardness for areas like handrails, staircases and other applications where a hard, tough coating is needed. It is very fast dry, FDA and USDA accepted. Steel Tuff-316 can be used in interior or exterior applications, but needs a primer in the exterior applications. Available in metallic gray and other metallic colors. VOC compliant.


Steel Plus Epoxy CE-316

Steel Plus CE 316 is a two component, water base epoxy filled with 316 stainless steel flake. It is our most chemical resistant, Bis-F type epoxy product and is designed for extremely severe duty applications. Steel Plus CE 316 is a 2 to 1 mix and requires no induction time before painting. Steel Plus CE 316 is based on the newest epoxy technology, allowing us to formulate an extremely high performance coating in a non-HAP and low VOC formula. We use an aliphatic amine curing agent enabling much higher cross linking density which gives Steel Plus CE 316 its exceptional moisture and chemical resistance. t.

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